The RepRap Fest fun has jumped to the other side of the Atlantic so we must also! In December we are going to head to Manchester England to join the E3D team for the second annual SMRRF event. Do we have any fans in the UK who we will see there?

  • Err... We Mean 3D Printopia

    ERRF is gone and now we have 3D Printopia, the East Coast's premier 3D printing event. Come join all the fun with us in Maryland this September 28-29.

    3D Printopia 
  • Open Sauce

    After hearing how great Open Sauce was last year, there was no way we could miss it again this year. We are excited to announce we will be sponsors of Open Sauce 2024 in San Francisco, CA on June 15-16. Let's see how many chocolate prints we can make William Osman eat!

    Open Sauce 
  • Rocky Mountain RepRap Fest

    Join the Cocoa Press team at this year's Rocky Mountain RepRap Fest. We will be in Colorado April 20-21 as sponsors of the event, we hope to see you there!

  • 3D Musketeers - Your Prints Have Never Tasted So Good!

    "Ever wish your prints were just a little sweeter? Well, that wish is granted with the release of the incredible Cocoa Press chocolate 3D printer! On this printer, every Benchy is candy!"

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  • Technical.ly - Meet the Philly founder of Cocoa Press, a startup producing at-home 3D chocolate printers

    "Ellie Weinstein's Penn capstone project has turned into her full-time business, where 3D printing chocolate is just the beginning of 'introducing food printing to the market.'"

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  • Hackaday - Cocoa Press Chocolate 3D Printer Offered as DIY Kit

    "We first came across the Cocoa Press back in 2018 when we ran into it at the World Maker Faire in New York City. That original printer, clad in plywood and festooned with pipes and wires, bears little resemblance to the compact and sleek unit [Ellie] is selling now. But the core idea remains the same — pressure is applied to a syringe filled with warmed chocolate (or potentially other foodstuffs) to smoothly extrude a bead of deliciousness onto the printer’s bed."

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  • Hackster.io - Cocoa Press Announces the Launch of Their Chocolate 3D Printer

    "After many years of development, the Cocoa Press is ready for reservation."

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  • CNET - New 3D Printer Creates Delicious Chocolate Models and You Can Reserve It Today

    "The idea of printing with chocolate has been around for a while now. There are a few conversion kits out there to jury-rig your current 3D printer, but they always fall short. The Cocoa Press is a new approach: It's a complete chocolate 3D printer that comes in either kit form for $1,500 or fully assembled for $4,000 and lets you make almost any 3D model out of chocolate."

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  • All 3DP - This Upcoming Chocolate 3D Printer Could Revitalize the Space

    "A new desktop chocolate 3D printer has entered the scene. Conceptualized in 2014 by creator (and former “Battlebots” contestant) Ellie Rose Weinstein, the Cocoa Press is an FDM-like machine that uses palm oil-based chocolate “cores” to print chocolate objects, layer by layer."

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  • Gizmodo - Help Convince Me to Buy This $1,500 3D Printer For Chocolate

    "Everything the Cocoa Press 3D printer creates can and should be eaten."

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  • Tom's Hardware - Chocolate 3D Printer, Cocoa Press, to Ship this Fall for $1,499. Pre-Orders Start in April

    "Instead of outputting in plastic, this printer builds models that you can eat."

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  • MandicReally - The Future of Dessert: Chocolate 3D Printing!

    Ellie and Alan dive into some of the tech specs and talk about the details of the newest printer.

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  • Philly Business Journal: Penn alum looks to hit sweet spot with new 3D chocolate printer

    "When Ellie Weinstein took an interest in 3D printing as a high school student, she never imagined it would one day become her full-time job. But nearly a decade later it has. Through her Cocoa Press, she's looking to strike a sweet spot with the latest iteration of her 3D chocolate printer, expected to launch later this year."

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  • Penn Engineering - Sculptural Sweets

    "In a few short decades, 3D printing has gone from unique to ubiquitous. It’s used nearly everywhere, from making toys and gadgets in classrooms nationwide to manufacturing new parts on the International Space Station. Ellie Weinstein (MEAM ’19) has a different venue in mind for this emerging technology, however: the kitchen."

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  • Raspberry Pi Magazine - Meet Ellie Weinstein: 3D chocolate printer

    "Eight years ago, a mechanical engineering student thought that 3D printing on chocolate would be easy… that was when Ellie Weinstein’s journey into edible 3D printing began. It turns out that it isn’t easy at all – but that’s led to a machine that’s capable of reliably heating chocolate to within 0.1 of a degree, is food safe, and produces designs that just aren’t possible with traditional methods."

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  • 3D Printing Nerd - MRRF in 60 SECONDS 2022

    Watch Ellie explain Cocoa Press in 60 seconds at the Midwest RepRap Festival!

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  • Hackspace Magazine - a charming goldfish named Pepito

    The object shown here is a world first: a print-in-plafe articulated model, printed in sweet, sweet chocolate.

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